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Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces by Amantii
 Amantii WM-38
 Amantii WM-50
Amantii WM-58
 Amantii WM-62
Amantii WM-95
 Amantii WM-102
Amantii WM-1641
Amantii WM-2134 Amantii
 Amantii WM-3522CF

 Amantii Built In
Amantii BUILT-IN-38
Amantii Built-In-58
Amantii Built-In-62  Electric Fireplace

 Amantii Artisan
BLT-IN-5124 Amantii Artisan Series
Amantii BLT-IN-5124

 Amantii wall mount or built in fireplaces
         Amantii Wall Mount
   Amantii wall Mount or built in electric fireplace

Amantii WM-BI-26-3623
Amantii WM-BI-34-4423
Amantii WM-BI-48-5823
Amantii WM-BI-72-8123

  Amantii wall mount or built in fireplaces
         Amantii Wall Mount
   Amantii wall Mount or built in electric fireplace
Amantii WM-BI-28-3421
Amantii WM-BI-43-5123
WM-BI-58-6421 Amantii
Amantii WM-BI-76-8221
Amantii WM-BI-106-11524

  See how designers are incorporating the incredible Insert Amantii electric fireplaces in their breath taking designs
Amantii Insert-26-3825
Insert-30-4230 Amantii
Insert-33-4230 Amantii
       Amantii Zero clearance fireplaces
Amantii Zero Clearnce Fireplaces
ZECL-26-2923 Amantii
ZECL-30-3226 Amantii
ZECL-33-3624 Amantii
ZECL-39-4134 Amantii
ZECL-2939 Amantii



Amantii electric fireplaces are more than fireplaces. The roll of fire in our homes has evolved from life sustaining essentials of heating, cooking and providing light to our living and work spaces.

As rolls have shifted to safer more efficient and convenient technologies the fireplace found less and less use in our lives. Yet these monuments to a past time continued being built long past their years of practicality.

Our attraction to a soothing fire grew so we continued building those expensive, inefficient energy wasters.

Amantii's designers focused on the value of fire as decorative art while still offering the efficiency of zone heating in some models.

Homes today are centrally heated by comfortable and efficient automated systems. Real fireplaces can actually extract more heat from the entire home than they produce while overheating one room. The heat produced by fireplaces more often than not is undesirable. Removal of that heat by venting up the flue, or even worse by some mechanical means becomes an exercise in futility and a real challenge for energy conservation efforts.

Fireplaces have always presented safety concerns. New home builders and remodelers investigating fireplace options are faced with an abundance of warnings regarding safety issues of wood or gas burning fireplaces.

Open fires are both an invitation and hazard to children and pets.  Soot, CO2 and CO are all being more carefully monitored and regulated as manufactures, installers, insurance companies and local inspectors become increasingly aware of liabilities they share.

Even the most advanced sealed combustion (Direct Vent) fireplaces are in the news due to high face glass temperatures causing sever burns to children.

Engineers knew if they were to address these concerns they had to remove the element of fire. Electric fire imaging products have been on the market for years that never caught on.  Amantii had to be radically superior.  Technology had advanced to a point that the electric fireplace could take the leap from hardware store novelties to a premium new design element. Their electric fires had to be compellingly realistic, and a quality compliment to the most discriminating designs. 

Amantii offers efficient heating options when desired to add those extra cozy degrees of warmth.

Amantii - Fireplace

Amantii realized that designers were now incorporating the fire into rooms as an art form but had lacked the tools for breath taking designs. The result currently is more than 50  fireplaces. Models range from 16" to 102" inches wide that  continue to serve the traditional design market as well as giving new products for the most contemporary living spaces. Amantii's assortment of Real Stone or designer color front facings adds quality to any design through the art of fire.

Breaking News!

Amantii Electric Fireplaces wins Vesta & Attendees Choice Awards at 2013 HPB Expo

Orlando, Florida – Amantii is proud the INSERT-26-3825 won the 2013 Vesta Award for Electric Products at the2013 HPB Expo.

 The Vesta Awards were created to recognize and honor companies and products for innovation in design and/or
technology. Designed as a perfect alternative for wood or gas inserts, our electric inserts breathe new life into new or aging masonry or metal fireplaces.

 Both stylish and practical, the Amantii electric inserts are quick and easy to install making them an ideal application for the renovation and home improvement market. Comes in three sizes with three colors of fire glass media and log included in box.

Amantii is also honored that the ZECL-30-3226 with Espresso Mantle was chosen as the Attendees Choice award at the 2013 HPB Expo. Designed for new construction or renovation projects, the electric Zero Clearance Models are an excellent alternative to gas or wood fireplaces. Quick and easy installation allow for immediate enjoyment of the state of the art flame and heating system. These aesthetically pleasing units feature a black glass surround that easily compliments any decor. Comes in 5 sizes with three colors of fire glass media and fire log included in box.

Why Electric?

Consumers are looking for a lower cost option to gas or wood burning fireplaces. Amantii's electric fireplaces fill that need with high quality, well designed products that provide an artistic element above and beyond the basic functions of fire display and heat. “These units offer maximum flexibility without venting or trying to run gas lines throughout the house,” Brian Richards, President of Amantii Electric Fireplaces explains, “The cost savings to consumers are tremendous.”

Amantii Electric Fireplaces is owned and operated by Brian Richards who has over 30 years of experience in the Hearth and Fireplace industry. Amantii strives to provide valued customers with a quality product that combines modernity,
sophistication and traditional comfort all in one, paired with unparalleled service and support. Amantii has warehouses strategically located through out Canada and the USA.



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